ECOLEAF has reinvented the metallization process, by using “liquid foil” in place of the plastic-backed foil reels used in traditional hot and cold foiling. By only placing metal flakes precisely where they are needed, ECOLEAF avoids the need for PET carrier film and therefore eliminates foil reels altogether, significantly reducing waste and plastic usage, as well as minimizing the environmental impact associated with producing and disposing of these plastics. Switching from hot or cold foiling to this innovative metallization technology enables the creation of stand-out metallic label embellishments with a much-improved environmental profile.

ECOLEAF Experience

ECOLEAF is compatible with a range of print technologies, and a wide range of metallic finishing options can be realized, depending on the printing technology used:

  • Tactile metallic effects without embossing: rotary or flatbed screen
  • Very fine metallization at the highest resolution: flexo
  • Seamless and variable metallization: inkjet

Learn more about how it works and get insights on the application process and the ECOLEAF LA430 technology.

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ECOLEAF sample set

Stand-out metallic label embellishment for Graphic Arts with outstanding sustainability and environmental attributes.


ECOLEAF benefits at a glance

Greater sustainability

Initial calculations from ACTEGA’s Life Cycle Assessment show a hugely positive impact on sustainability and resource reduction. ECOLEAF technology currently realizes a CO2 footprint reduction of greater than 50 percent compared to hot and cold foil. Not only does the system completely eradicate the need for plastic but, as it only involves the precise amount of metal needed for each application, eliminates waste of metals too, as well as the need for any carrier film.

Creating a sustainable future

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„This plastic-free process eliminates the need for foil –reducing the CO2 footprint significantly.”

Paolo Grasso

Sales Director ACTEGA Metal Print

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ECOLEAF WebSeminar

Creating a sustainable future for metallization

Climate change and the impact of plastic waste streams require new strategies and alternative solutions. 

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