ACTDigi® Jettable

Digital water-based ink and coating technologies for inkjet printing

Our experience from decades of developing primers, inks and overprint varnishes for the packaging industry inspires us when it comes to creating new inkjet products.

ACTDigi® Jettable is all about developing inkjet fluids for piezo DOD applications, especially water-based systems for non-absorbent substrates. The portfolio includes everything from primers and inks to overprint varnishes. This “one-stop-shop” strategy is aimed at flexible packaging and labels. Folding cartons, which also make up a large share of the packaging market, are naturally also covered – provided the relevant requirements profile is suitable for inkjet products. The ACTDigi® Jettable team will be only too happy to discuss potential inkjet projects with you.

ACTDigi® Jettable offers all-in-one packages comprising primer, ink and overprint varnish for inkjet printing with water-based systems

Inkjet printing is complex and calls for consumables that meet the requirements of this technology. The packaging industry also places extremely high demands on products, which must be highly robust and satisfy the applicable regulations. This is very different from consumables business in less strictly regulated markets. In contrast to analog printing, for example, the potential inkjet printing product can’t be tested straight away on the customer’s system. Instead, a variety of applications have to be replicated in-house as a basis for developing the product. Here at ACTEGA, we have a dedicated research and development team. Besides outstanding technical services, we also offer state-of-the-art test equipment. Close cooperation with our partners and customers is the key to success in development work. We, too, place the highest demands on our products. We consider the printability and drying behavior of our inkjet inks to be important, but also their optical print quality and both their chemical and physical resistance. We now have a portfolio of water-based development products for inkjet printing that are formulated to meet the regulations relating to indirect food contact. All our products work well on a wide range of non-absorbent substrates. Depending on the application and requirements, however, they can also be tested for use on paper and board. Our all-in-one packages comprising primer, ink and overprint varnish provide the ideal basis for meeting all inkjet printing requirements and ensuring the printed packaging provides the desired functions.

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Our technology and competence center is located in Lehrte, near Hanover in northern Germany. It is home to our ten-strong R&D, technical service and project management team. The dynamic development of inkjet technology for packaging printing and the numerous possibilities offered by this technology are what drives us on. Having previously supplied the market with packaging products manufactured using standard offset, flexographic and gravure printing, many of our customers see digital printing – and specifically inkjet printing – as an innovative packaging printing method. Looking to the future, we aim to continue supporting our customers with appropriately innovative primers, inkjet inks and overprint varnishes.

ACTDigi® Jettable

Our technologies for demanding packaging applications at a glance

  • Industrial digital printing
  • Drop-on-demand technology
  • Water-based integrated systems for an optimum adjustment and interaction between primer, ink and overprint varnish
  • Solutions for the indirect food contact (Swiss Ordinance, Nestlé, FDA)
  • For challenging, non-absorbant substrates
Product Solutions
  • High printing quality
  • Excellent drying properties
  • Very good adhesion on typical substrates for labels and flexible packaging, e.g. BOPP, PE, PET
  • High mechanical & chemical resistance
  • Sterilization and pasteurization stable
  • Support trouble-free nozzle opentime and head maintenance

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